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 [TrialAdmin and Admin rules]

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[TrialAdmin and Admin rules] Empty
PostSubject: [TrialAdmin and Admin rules]   [TrialAdmin and Admin rules] EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 3:54 pm

Here is a full list of all rules for TrialAdmin and Admin. Theese are also standard in any rank above mentioned.


-Don’t give free items! Only SELFMINED stuff you FOUND LEGAL.
-Fix all grief. Eather by hand, or with HawkEye!
-Don’t use WorldEdit to spawn unprotected valuables!
-Do NOT tp kill or tpa kill. Only fair kill.
-No God or Creative in fight, and neither hitting others with something like that.
-You may tp Target _1 to Target_2, if you want. This is on free will.
-No abuse powers.
-You may use benefits to mine, such as; Compass, //, //drain, //set 0 (0 only), god-mode/creative, or anything else. No GIVING feed or health to ur buddy.
-Do NOT clear other player’s inventory, only when permitted by them.
-Knowing the Owner IRL (in Real Life) does NOT help. At all.
-Treat everyone with respect!
-ASK before you summon the target! They can’t /back!
-ASK to come in to their house! You must have their permission to visit. (No perm needed if it’s something with a job, like check chests for spawned items)
-You may take team with players, just don’t use benefits to help him (But you may use mining benefits)
-Do NOT spawn ANY mobs!
-NEVER give away creative!
-If you are the only admin on and a non-admin has creative, remove it at once.
-NO jailing if you get owned in PvP
-NO Hack clients or mods, unless permitted by owner.
-NO WorldEditing away houses, chests etc.
-NO WorldEdit away chest! If you put a chest at same place, the security etc. is still there! Remove it by hand!
-No trashing items! Throw what you want to keep out, than /ci and then pick what you waned back up!
-NO threatening! Only threatening to make player fix its grief, or else ban.
-No summonkilling
-No advertising
-No making warps unless asked Co, coder or Owner.
-You may use creative to kill monsters, and give you’re looting to players.
-No giving XP to other players!
-No enchanting swords for players, unless you got the xp legit.
-No making houses with spawned items/hacked items/Creative items. Only selfmined blocks you found natural in wilderness!
-If you ban a player, add him to the banboard in spawn, and place under what fits him/her. If multi broke on rules, add name under all category fitting.
-No banning/tempbanning without reason
-No jailing/tempjailing without reason
-NO MUTING! You forget to unmute! If spammer, kick, mute for 5 min, than tempban, than ban.
-No using WorldEdit to help building players that are under TrialAdmin.
-No trading items/blocks.
-No trolling players
-No swearing at players
-No spamming
-No swearing (a lot, but sometimes, ok)
-No Going in the freaking way of the players!!!! Its annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-You may help players mine with // activated (SuperPickaxe)
-No 1x1 poles or holes
-No griefing griefers
-Do not force players
-Welcome every newcomer (New guy to server)
-Help newcomers and other players
-Follow rules
-Listen to the one with rank higher than you
-No thinking you will have special rights because you are friend of owner or know him or know him in real life.
-No thinking you will have special rights because you are friend of TrialAdmin (or above) or know TrialAdmin (or above) or know TrialAdmin (or above) in real life.
-The_Ms is a freaking GUY. Not girl. (Was supposed to be The_M’s, not Ms, but minecraft didn’t allow the ‘ …)
-No abusing the rules, or abusing anything that the rules are not so clear on.
-Use common sense
-You may help players to move houses with WorldEdit or anything like that, but NO building helping
-You may change time of world if players ask, also weather. You decide.
-If it rains, you MUST turn it off. Rule. It makes some players lag!
-Read and understand all rules.


There Very Happy
Read em, understand em!

By HasCraft!
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[TrialAdmin and Admin rules]
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